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Courier Job

Facility: Westwood Campus


Schedule: PRN

Shift: Weekends

Hours: 700-1530

Work among the best. Academic medical centers like The University of Kansas Hospital are at medicine's frontier, providing more options and more hope to our patients. Employees in our administrative positions play a vital role to the success of the organization. Many times, these are the first people that our customers come in contact with, or are the people that our customers rely on to provide directions, medical or financial assistance or confide in for personal needs. As such we value your knowledge and interaction with the customer that enhances their overall experience at our hospital, and makes this a great place to work. The hospital offer very competitive wages and an outstanding benefits package.

We currently have an opening for a Courier


Presents a neat and clean appearance, appropriate for a professional health care environment in accordance with hospital Policy.

Demonstrates and maintains a high level of professionalism at all times.

Takes initiative, stays productive, looks for patients and non-patient activities to complete.

Maintains written log of daily activities issuing information to Lab and each facility until shift end.

Ensures items are secured during transport, courier cart is never left unattended at any time during shift.

Ensures Courier Cart and Cart-Containers on cart are cleaned daily and Cart-Containers display appropriate hazard signs at all times.

Answers pager within 15 minutes, contacting Base when message is unclear or situations arise when unable to meet non-patient requests within a reasonable time period.

Delivers all envelopes, reports, paperwork, films, labs and specimens on a daily basis to the appropriate office, clinical areas, units, film library and laboratories.

Signs-in & out items to be delivered as required.

Ensures courier cart is cleared of deliverable items by shift end.

Ensures all non-deliverable (i.e. due to locked offices, etc.) items are secured in Westwood dock or Office, and delivered promptly the following business day.

Informs supervisory personnel of all changes in route scheduling and new requests.

Completes consistent daily rounds for retrieval of specimens from each designated facility or office.

Delivers all specimens and accompanying requisitions to the appropriate lab and/or clinical areas.

Ensures all specimens are accompanied with requisition and specimens are packaged appropriately.

Works with lab personnel to minimize waits or delays for more than 5 minutes.

Keeps cell phone on and wears pager, at all times while at hospital, including breaks.

Uses appropriate etiquette at all times, utilizing appropriate return message and statements in a pleasant tone of voice.

Always informs lab or pathology or others where they are in their route and timing of next delivery schedule.

Acknowledges and maintains the right to privacy and confidentiality.

Maintains all safety standards during transport.

Assists other members of the Westwood Operations team as needed (i.e., other transport functions or with locating equipment needed to perform a transport in a timely fashion).

Informs receiving departments in person of a transport material being delivered.

Informs nursing and/or technician whenever there is a change of status in transporting a lab or specimen (i.e., delay, different mode of transportation, or other.)

Informs receiving department and the Westwood base of any delays, cancellations, and changes in mode of transportation.

Assumes responsibility for the transportation activities and other tasks that contribute to the patient's care.

Maintains a patient-centered focus and strives to support the mission, goals and values of the hospital, department and division.

Assists nursing personnel for all types of transports and provide proper containers or needs as required. (Carts, lock bags, lock cases, etc.)

Handles patient and non-patient moves with the same sense of urgency.

Performs daily work assignments in an efficient, organized manner and with an optimum degree of accuracy.

Interacts with physicians and other technical staff to provide quality, safe and efficient care for the patient.

Reports equipment malfunctions promptly to Manager, marks equipment appropriately and delivers equipment to Westwood dock.


  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • CPR Certified preferred
  • Ability to lift over 60 lbs
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We are an equal employment opportunity employer without regard to a person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity,
and sexual orientation), national origin, ancestry, age (40 or older), disability, veteran status or genetic information.